Project -  Bi-folding Windows

Creating easy access to the garden from the kitchen is often the dream for many homeowners, opening up the space and enjoying fresh air and appreciating the garden design has, thanks to programmes like Grand Designs, become ever popular. Kestrel's customer came up with a solution for their discerning client that has created a stylish opening.

The Challenge

The homeowner ideally wanted to open up their kitchen windows to allow both extra light and access to the barbeque area on the patio. With folding sliding doors already installed they wanted the kitchen window to echo the slim site lines and stylish design giving a modern feel but also a practical solution.


The Solution

Turning to their trusted Aluminium Supplier, Kestrel Aluminium Systems, they used the new Folding Sliding Window System which enabled them to build a three pane window. Configured as two sliding one way, the third pane became the master window which could be opened independently like a normal casement. The biggest challenge was to allow the window to fold flat against the external brickwork. This was achieved by modifying the hardware and allowed for 180 degree swing rather than the usual 90 degrees.

Ensuring the security of the home was of key importance and the homeowners were presented with two locking options, shoot bolts or a multi-point lock. Using shoot bolts both at the top and bottom on both the master and slave panes the windows are secure and have common design features as the doors already installed. The slimline handles are unobtrusive and offer a practical and easy to use opening system


The Benefits

As well as creating light and space, the Fold Sliding Window has a practical application that has allowed the homeowner to almost integrate their kitchen with their garden. Ideal for summer entertaining as food and drink can be passed through to the serving area without the need for carrying through the home, the new system has given a new lease of life to the garden and kitchen.