Please see below for this months Technical Updates. If you require clarification on anything please contact the office.

Logikal Updates.
The following updates have been added to the Logikal pricing program this month, so please ensure you update your software for the changes to take place.

Bifold Door: A previous update caused a bug in the software which meant it was calling up the slave door lock the incorrect hand. This has now been corrected.
Thermal Commercial Door: Dual colours have been added to profile KAS7501, KAS7502 & KAS7503.
Residential Door: Warning now called up when slim-line profile is too tall.
• Shopfront: KAS7 & KAS45 pocket fillers can now be inserted into an empty doorway.

Rooflight Pricing: Due to the changes below, version 1.5.5 of the pricing sheet is available for download here.

Manual Page Updates.
The following manual pages have been updated. Please download the updated pages here for inclusion into your manuals or download the full manuals from here.
Bifold Door – 15.03.01_4 Shoot bold rod cutting length revised.
Flat Top Rooflight – Sections 24 & 25 updated for new profile (See below).

If required the above manual page changes will be included as Logikal updates once programmed and released. Look out for the Logikal updates in future bulletins.


New Products.
We are beginning to roll out our new profile for the flat top
rooflights. The new profile will make fabrication of the
rooflights easier and quicker than before with the old KAS1650
pin being removed and replaced with our KAS1669 cleat. This
means putting the corners together now only requires 2 of the
cleats to mate during assembly with the 3rd cleat (KAS1669)
being installed afterwards. New manuals are available to
download and will be titled ” Section 24 New” and “Section 25
New” until the swap over is complete and then these will
become standard manuals. The new manuals & latest pricing
sheet can be downloaded from here.