Residential Rebate door / Bifold Door - KAS 7405

Double Door Add on Profile

Used with the slimline stile (KAS 7321) this section enables the slimline door profile to be used for double doors/French doors in the residential rebate door and the Bifold door Systems.

All items are now in stock for this system development:
KAS542-01 - Narrow Profile Master Lock
KAS542-02 - Narrow Profile Slave Door Lock
KAS 542-03 - Narrow Profile Keep Left hand
KAS 542-04 - Narrow Profile Keep Right hand
KAS542-05 - Narrow Profile Shoot bolts
KAS7413 - Keep Carrier
KAS7414 - Slave lock Carrie

Bifold Door - Additional Lengths

Kestrel Aluminium has always strived to put the customer at the heart o everything we are do, we’ve recognised that the bifold door market has become increasingly competitive and to enable you to remain competitive we now stock the following sections in 4.4m lengths for greater optimisation:

KAS730; KAS731
KAS732; KAS7321
KAS733; KAS735
KAS7351; KAS736
KAS743; KAS744

The estimating packages will be updated in due course to reflect these additions.

Flat Top Rooflight - KAS 1558

The cover trim (KAS741 OR KAS1553) was initially designed as a plastic component, this is now available as an aluminium component (KAS1558). This will create a more pleasing aesthetic finish when specifying dual colour rooflights.
The estimating programmes, both V6 and our pricing programme, now has this as an option.

Curtain Walling - KAS827

A small addition to the curtain walling system is the KAS827. Similar to sections KAS856 & KAS859, this section enables glass/panel thicknesses of 14 -19 mm to be installed, further developing the capability of our system.

Thermal Commercial Doors

To further enhance the system, we now have 100mm Stiles in stock for the Thermal Commercial Door. A number of fabricators had requested these section to allow easier fitting of Mag Locks to the system.

KAS7501 - 100mm Master Stile
KAS7502 - 100mm Slave Stile
KAS7503 - CVR Stile