Powder coating has evolved over the years in quality and popularity and is now one of the premier finishing solutions in a variety of industries, including the Fenestration Industry. However, companies are still reluctant to bring the process in house, and instead are contracting out their powder coating requirements to a third party.

Those that have had experience of powder coating know that by opting for a powder coated finish there are several key advantages to be gained. It can be more cost-effective in the long run than paint, with the added benefit that the finish is more durable and resilient. Powder Coating also offers a protective coating to the aluminium, extending the life of the metal as well as offering a seamless look between horizontal and vertical surfaces great for the aesthetics of any modern building. Also, the number and types of materials that can be powder coated has increased with advances in technology, including our tried and tested favourite material, aluminium.

So why have Kestrel Aluminium Systems decided to take the decision to bring their powder coating facility in house under one roof to manage from their Head Office function?

Whilst the initial investment required to create an in-house powder coating facility can be quite significant in the long run it’ll certainly save you money by being able to be a one-stop-shop solutions provider with the added advantage of creating a competitive edge. Being able to control the powder coating schedule also allows for jobs to be dealt with immediately if needed avoiding lengthy delays and potential lost orders. Complete control is achieved.

It also enhances the team of employees by bringing another set of skills into the company. Thus further strengthening the company’s reputation by having the ability to offer a complete solution from a trusted supplier without the need for customers having to deal with sub-contractors.

More importantly it enables better quality control over the finished product, instead of relying on an external supplier fulfilling this need. Being able to guarantee quality is worth its weight in gold after all every customer wants the job to be done correctly, the first time!