The technology behind aluminium window and door systems has seen significant advances over the past decade, giving installers more choice and making specifying the right products more complex. The Technical Estimating Team at Kestrel Aluminium Systems, reveals the answers to some of the common questions they get asked by customers.

Each of these projects will have different technical requirements based on their specific application, so installers and fabricators always need to keep a mass of technical knowledge at their fingertips to make sure they fit the right system for the building. But what happens when they get a request for an unusually sized installation? One that needs to be delivered quickly, or perhaps needs to meet specific security specifications?

When fabricators are asked to work on these types of projects, they may need to seek additional support or technical information from their suppliers, to be sure that the sections they choose to fabricate their windows and doors are suitable for that particular use.

That’s when they should always turn to a trusted supplier who can provide them with all the information they need. Preferably, that supplier will have a lot of products in different sizes, shapes, colours and specifications so they can source the ones which best suit that particular installation.

At Kestrel Aluminium, for example, we supply a wide range of sections for the fabrication of shopfronts, commercial doors, curtain walling, windows,and glazed roofs. Most of these sections are stocked in mill finish and white powder coated options, as well as in many different sizes to suit even the most unusual requirements.

When our customers need a little more support or reassurance, Kestrel’s Technical Team is on hand with all the right answers. Most of the technical questions we receive come from installers and fabricators wanting to confirm the suitability of our products for a particular application.

Checking security

With most commercial and some large domestic projects, fabricators will generally have received an architect’s plans to work to, and these often specify PAS24 accreditations, for example.

PAS24 security performance accreditations apply to all manufactured window and door sets, and Approved Document Q and Secured By Design have also been introduced to set required standards that doors and windows must meet to resist physical attack and ensure the security of the building.

Since the security of the final product depends on which profiles are used and which hardware is fitted to it, ensuring these accreditations are met isn’t always as simple as it sounds, but our Technical Team work closely with our customers to give advice regarding the required Building and Planning regulations.

Does size matter?

With more and more people looking to introduce the ‘wow’ factor into their homes and offices, fabricators are increasingly being asked to create larger windows and doors with thinner profiles to maximise the space and light being brought into the building.

There are limits to how big the fabricated door sets can be, so we often work with our customers to find safe ways to deliver the impact the client wants, without risking the safety of the occupants, and to make sure that all the hardware and sections used are compatible with the desired purpose.

Does Kestrel fabricate its systems?

Another question we are often asked is whether Kestrel fabricates its own systems. The simple answer is no – we design and manufacture aluminium systems that can then be fabricated into full door and window sets by our customers.

When we are approached by someone who want to buy a ready-made door or window set, we refer them to one of our existing customers who can offer them that service, thereby providing valuable sales leads to our customers.

How quickly can we receive the products?

Turnaround times on construction projects are becoming tighter than ever, and fabricators often have to complete projects in very short timescales in order to satisfy their clients. That means needing to be able to source the materials for the job without significant delays.

Many aluminium system providers have long lead times for their products, but at Kestrel we keep a large volume of stock on site at our factory in Birmingham, which means we are able to supply our core stock with a very short lead time of just seven working days.

Where the profiles we are designing are more complicated, such as with dual-colour windows, or where individual profiles need to be coated separately, these lead times may be slightly longer, but we always pride ourselves on being able to respond to our customers promptly and efficiently.

Kestrel Aluminium Systems has been supplying aluminium fenestration products for more than 30 years, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and reputation for high-quality, reliable products. For more information on our systems and how we can support your business, visit or call 0121 333 3575.