Low Rise Curtain Walling

Created to offer a robust and structurally impressive façade complete with greater flexibility design options.

Our Low Rise Curtain Walling offers thermally efficient performance, enables natural light to flood in and comes with the added option to install opening vents and entrance systems. Our Curtain Walling system provides architects and designers the opportunity to create impressive building designs.

Available as 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 or 175 mm box and plate construction it offers greater flexibility of design options and can be specified for different structural conditions. The system can also be specified utilising different capping resulting in greater design options.

The system is zone drained and is constructed as a ladder frame system. Individual panels can be made separately to assist in ease of transportation and can be constructed on site.

Designed to accommodate various glazing options from 6-30mm the glass must comply with BS6262 and BS592 Part 1.

Low Rise Curtain Walling
Maximum Height **
Jointing Mechanical
Externally Glazed  ✓
Glazing Thickness 6mm - 30mm
U-Value **

** To be calculated in accordance with individual site conditions