Project -  Mary Webb School

Schools must comply with current building regulations and guidelines for ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality. In order to fulfil these, schools have been implementing schedules of work to transform existing buildings to meet these new requirements.
A secondary school, based in Pontesbury, has begun work to their school buildings and turned to local company HTL Windows & Doors, to undertake the project.

The Challenge

The first phase of the project was to install a completely new front to the main school building, replacing the old windows with brand new thermally efficient windows and curtain walling. A brand new entrance welcomes visitors to the modern school whilst offering a secure and controlled entrance to the school.
Projects of this scale can only be completed during school holidays so HTL had to be confident that their chosen systems supplier could fulfil their requirements during the notoriously busy summer. HTL turned to their trusted systems supplier, Kestrel Aluminium Systems.

The Solution

The details of the project were sent to Kestrel Aluminium to be drawn up to ensure the most appropriate systems were utilised. Based on the information provided the following systems were specified; 100mm Curtain Walling, 60mm Window, Non-Thermal and PAS24 tested Thermal Commercial Doors.
The 100mm Curtain walling used both the box and box and plate version. The box system provided strength for the height whilst the box and plate system enabled HTL to transport to site with ease, with the sections ready to be fitted and fixed on site.
The 60mm Window System was integrated into the new façade ensuring sufficient ventilation into the classrooms, offices and the school hall. The use of trickle vents on each window ensures that good indoor air quality is maintained.
The safety of the pupils is paramount when specifying projects like this so all the windows were installed with restricted friction hinges.
All the new entrance doors used either the thermal or non-thermal door system and use the double ramp threshold to ensure the doorsets are DDA complaint.

The Benefits

The school now has an ultra-modern thermally efficient façade with a secure lobby which meets the specification set out at the beginning of the project.
The classrooms are light and bright with large windows helping to create a comfortable environment for teaching in.
Sales Manager John Treagust visited the completed works “Projects like this are a perfect fit for our customers. They can be confident that we will support them and they know that the robust systems we offer are ideal for application in school buildings.”
At Kestrel Aluminium we believe working together on projects like this allows both parties to demonstrate their capabilities. Supporting customers helps maintain good working partnerships, from estimation and specification to assisting with deliveries to site.