Project - Rybrook Bristol

Bristol has a brand new luxury car garage with the help of HTL Windows & Doors Ltd. The new group of garages house four of the most prestigious automotive brands in the state-of-the-art facility north of Bristol and HTL won the contract to supply and fit all the glazing products.




The Challenge

On a large project like this a variety of products are required and HTL turned to their longstanding trusted aluminium supplier Kestrel Aluminium Systems to provide the windows, thermal framing and commercial doors for manufacture and installation throughout the car showrooms.

One of the key challenges in specifying the products was the make sure the systems could span a great enough width and to make sure any tracks used would not cause an issue so it was easy to move the cars around the brand new showroom. It was important that minimal sight lines achieved where possible to ensure visitors to the showrooms could catch glimpses of the cars from many vantage points. As with all new developments ensuring the buildings are thermally efficient was a key concern for the contractors. They were also keen to make sure that all working spaces within the new facility were designed to be light and pleasant placed to work in so specified a wide range of products on the project and HTL were able to deliver all the different systems required.


The Solution

In the offices HTL installed the 60mm window system offering thermal performance and natural light into the facilities. To comply with building regulations top hung restrictor hinges were installed and to allow natural ventilation when the weather isn’t good enough to open the windows trickle vents were built into the frames.

Across all four showrooms the entrance doors utilised the commercial door system and were fabricated as both swing and sliding doors. To maximise views into the showroom the doors were made without midrails.

As with all car showrooms the cars are shown off and moved in and out. The solution for this was the installation of folding sliding doors. Allowing a complete wall to be removed for moving cars in and out whilst framing the prestigious motors, the Kestrel folding sliding door was the perfect choice with the flush track that was built into the flooring.


The Benefits

By using Kestrel Aluminium products HTL could be sure they could give the contractor a completion date and be confident that they would be fabricated, installed and off site by the deadline. HTL utilised the powder coating facility offered by Kestrel Aluminium and had additional material coated with their orders to ensure a consistent finish was achieved.  

HTL Windows and Doors took the opportunity to go back to the new development to see the completed groundworks, their installations and the cars (!) and were pleased with the overall project. John Treagust visited HTL during the project to check on progress “Seeing our customers involved in projects like this where multiple products are used demonstrates the confidence they have in our systems and our ability to make sure we meet their lead times.”