Patio Sliding Door System


Designed with you in mind, the system is a statement of style and quality that is meticulously crafted for your project.

Available as either a simple cost effective inline sliding door or as a piece of statement engineering with the lift & slide gearing.

All versions of the doors have the option of a soft closer being installed which prevents the doors being slammed shut and prevents the trapping of fingers, an innovative safety solution and a must have where young children are around.

Innovative and practical, the patio door systems are an alternative to a set of French or Folding Sliding Doors. The narrow profile faces create a dramatic removable wall that provides uninterrupted views to the outdoors.

Aluminium is a lightweight, durable and resilient metal that gives strength and security to the system. Incorporating the latest thermal technologies, you can be sure your home will remain safe, secure and thermally efficient.

The robust system is designed to be low maintenance, keeping the finish of the doors clean with a damp cloth and ensuring the track is free from grit and dirt to ensure a smooth gliding motion.

Inline L&S
Maximum Width 2000mm 2100mm
Maximum Height 2300mm 2500mm