Residential Tilt Before Turn Windows

Perfect for homes that require access to the outside of the window safely.

Inherently strong, the opening tilt before turn window system provides a flexible solution for homes and apartment that possess windows that are located in high rise positions where internal glazing and ease of cleaning are important. Internally beaded for security the system allows access to the outside of the window while remaining safely inside the building.

This window system can also be configured as an open and tilt only or open and turn only.

Maximising thermal efficiency with the polyamide thermal break the system can be specified as single or dual colour powder to provide personalisation or to conform to design regulations.

Meeting the exacting standards of Document L the system has been tested to ensure it is safe, secure and energy efficient.


Tilt Before Turn Window
Maximum Width* 1600mm
Maximum Height* 1800mm
Jointing Mechanical
Internally Beaded Option  ✓
Glazing Thickness 28-32mm
U-Value 1.7 WERC
  • Sizes stated subject to use of appropriate hardware and site conditions.