Project - The White House

OK, so not quite The White House we would all recognise, but for Kestrel Aluminium Systems and Yorkshire based fabricators Glass Living UK Ltd, it was a project that enabled modern living to be brought into the picturesque rolling countryside. Following Glass Living UK Ltd successfully winning the contract to manufacture and install all the glazing for the bespoke house in Yorkshire, we helped them to deliver a home with idyllic views.


Designed to maximise the views of the glorious countryside allowing natural light to flood into the brand new home, the architect responsible specified high quality aluminium windows and doors with slim sight lines. As with most bespoke projects they present their challenges one of which was a strict deadline to ensure that the build continued to progress at the expected rate to avoid setbacks and costly time penalties.

Finding themselves with time pressures to make the house watertight and ready for the second fix stage, Glass Living UK Ltd turned to their trusted aluminium supplier, Kestrel Aluminium Systems to supply the glazing systems for them to manufacture.

Multiple windows were required with a mixture of fixed and opening vents designed to frame and maximise the views from the rooms. To ensure a uniform look was achieved the fixed vents were made to the same dimensions as the doors. Installed in the property are the popular Folding Sliding Door and the Rebate Door Systems which utilise the same profiles and hardware offering commonality of design throughout the rooms.

The Kestrel Folding Sliding Doors were specified with a flush track to offer ease of access to the outside and to create a cleaner and neater aesthetic. The popularity of the Folding Sliding Door system has been driven by the opportunities they provide in properties like this. Framing a view, opening up walls, allowing the outside in and creating light bright modern spaces. Installing French Doors using the rebate door system offers a flexible approach to living as the homeowner can utilise either doors to gain access to the outside.

All of the products installed achieve U-Values of a minimum of 1.6 W/m2K ensuring the homeowners can be confident that their property is safe and secure and energy efficient.

Area Sales Manager John Treagust met with Martin and Matthew from Glass Living UK Ltd after the project had been completed “It is always a pleasure to see our customers getting involved in interesting projects like this and great to see our products installed in inspiring homes like this.”

Matthew from Glass Living UK Ltd commented “Projects like this give us the opportunity to showcase the products we as a business can offer. By allowing us to order only the material we need to complete an installation Kestrel Aluminium Systems helps us to keep our costs to a minimum and reduce material wastage and these savings allow us to offer a competitive price in a highly competitive market.”