Thermal Lantern System

Designed to make fabrication simple, stress and fuss-free.

Our Thermal Lantern System has been designed to make fabrication simple, stress and fuss-free to meet the needs of the modern building.

Fully thermally broken with no compound mitre cuts our Thermal Lantern System can be easily screwed together. Corner joints are performed with mechanical cleats which with the aid of punch tooling provide a strong, neat and secure joint to each of the corners of the lantern rooflight. The jointing system makes site assembly possible meaning transportation and manual handling of the materials onto the roof become easier.

The eaves profile has been designed with a render stop, allowing internal finishes to be brought up to the underside of the lantern rooflight providing a neat slick finish. By increasing the glazing area it creates a lighter feel to the lantern rooflight from inside.

The hip bars and glazing bars are supplied pre-machined to fit neatly against the eaves profiles. This means that the fabricator only has one cut to achieve the correct bar length before assembling each hip/glazing bar subsequently cutting down on fabrication time.