Thermal Rebate Doors

Designed for residential and light commercial use.

Designed specifically for the UK market place to be used as part of our residential suite of products the rebate door system utilises the same profiles to offer commonality of design. Fixed sidelights or fan lights can be incorporated into the design to create additional light into a home.

Offering the option for increased ventilation into a room and greater natural light the system is suitable for use as either an entrance door to the home or as French doors leading to the garden.

Door can be single or double, opening in or out, to meet the project specification.


Single Door Double Door
Maximum Width 1000mm 1000mm
Maximum Height 2700mm 2700mm
Jointing Mechanical Mechanical
Internally Beaded Option
Glazing Thickness 28-32mm 28-32mm
U-Value 1.6W/m2K 1.6W/m2K